Friday, November 20, 2009

Industry Focus

Energy: In South Africa, coal exports to India increased from 1.4 million tonnes in September 2009 to 2.4 million tons in October, accounting for 35% of the total exports of 6.7 million tons in the month. India has been the biggest single buyer of South African coal this year, accounting for around 30% of monthly exports throughout the year.

Automotive: South Africa's auto industry (the National Association of Automobile Manufactures of SA - NAAMSA) expects new vehicle sales to drop by 29.9% to around 225,000 this year in the wake of the economic recession. However, NAAMSA expects a gradual recovery from next year, with new vehicle sales increasing by 8% in 2010 and by 9% in 2011.

Agriculture: In Uganda, coffee exports increased by 10.8% to 199,000 bags (of 60kg each) in terms of volume for October 2009, compared to 179,500 bags a year earlier, as farmers and traders released more stocks to benefit from the recovering prices. Coffee (robusta) prices climbed by 2.8% to USD 1,431 per metric ton in October 2009.