Friday, May 13, 2011

A Tunis Consensus: Beyond “Aid” Effectiveness

"With hard times and budget austerity dominating politics in the rich world, the aid community is moving from a longtime emphasis on the quantity to the quality of aid," says Nancy Birdsall, the Center for Global Development's founding president.

She adds, in a recent post to her blog, "I am applauding here, in a kind of blog post shout-out, the African Development Bank’s recent report prepared to outline an agenda for the High-Level Forum in Busan. Consider just the title and subtitle: The Tunis Consensus: Targeting Effective Development with the subtitle From Aid Effectiveness to Development Effectiveness."

“Aid is only one part of the solution to Africa’s development challenges”. That’s on the first page of the full report. (as we’ve been saying now via our Commitment to Development Index for almost ten years). Bravo AfDB!"

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