Friday, November 11, 2011

See You Soon

Dear Readers,

For two years now, we’ve been sharing our ideas, information and economic data about development on the African continent.

Through our blog, we’ve shared exclusive analysis of the financial markets and raw materials in Africa, along with economic studies or information that we have reserved just for you.

We hope that we have shown you that Africa is moving forward and that its future is very bright.

We would now like to invite you to follow us on another, more institutional, perhaps denser but certainly richer, site.

We are going to stop publishing this blog but you will be able to follow all our news on the official site of the African Development Bank at Come and see us there to continue to get information about Africa through many different tools: online navigation, alerts, RSS feed, Facebook page or Twitter. It’s all there for you to explore!

Thank you for your loyalty and your interest in Africa, the continent of the future.